photo by Jessica Nash
photo by Jessica Nash


Ten days before heading south to Mexico to realize my dreams and be near my best friend and daughter, I was arrested. At age 66, a grandmother with no prior criminal record of any kind, a SWAT team hauled me off to jail like a bag of common garbage.  

The Fugitive’s Sister is an incredible story about true crime, false justice and the sibling rivalry between two sisters: Becky, a multi-millionaire who manipulated and used me, her older sister, throughout our entire lives. Becky was convicted of multiple white-collar crimes and was facing a sentence of up to seventy-five years in prison. Prior to sentencing, Becky escaped, disappeared and became one of America’s Most Wanted fugitives. In 1950, the FBI began to post their Most Wanted list. Of the 494 names on that list, only 8 belong to women. The impact of Becky’s wrongdoing (almost $3 billion total fraud) attained national news coverage including the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News Journals and newspapers, journals and magazines all across the country. As one attorney stated, “it’s the largest most significant case you’ve never heard of” and “affected thousands of people all over the country.” The ABC News Program “20/20” was producing a report on the search for Becky. When Becky contacted me for help, I ended up going to jail while protecting my family. As I struggled to stay alive and maintain my sanity behind bars, Becky was living the high-life in another country.

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